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Divorce can be lengthy, complex, and difficult for all parties involved, but if divorcing spouses are willing to work together to reach a resolution, they can save a great deal of time and money during the process. If you would like to complete the dissolution of your marriage with as little conflict as possible while still reaching an agreement that both parties can be satisfied with, our skilled family law attorneys can help. At Anderson and Associates, P.C., our lawyers are trained in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and they can help you use these methods to avoid conflict in your divorce and complete the process without the need for costly litigation.

Working Toward a Common Goal in Divorce

Divorce trials can be a huge financial and emotional burden on an entire family, so if you and your spouse can avoid going to trial, you should take every opportunity to do so. As you work with your spouse to reach agreements and make compromises on the issues in your divorce, you will not only complete the divorce process more quickly and efficiently, but you will also be able to lay the foundations for a positive relationship following your divorce. If you have children, this foundation will allow you to continue to work together as parents to provide a good family environment for them in the years to come.

With over 30 years of experience in divorce and family law, the skilled attorneys at Anderson and Associates, P.C. can assist you with the following methods of alternative dispute resolution:

  • Mediation - During the process of mediation, both parties will meet with a neutral third party and work together to resolve outstanding issues in their divorce, including the allocation of parental responsibility, parenting time, child support, and the allocation of assets and debts. A trained mediation attorney can not only provide guidance on how to address legal issues, but they can also assist in drafting the Marital Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan that will be included in the final divorce decree.
  • Collaborative Law - Divorcing couples taking this approach will work together openly and cooperatively along with their respective attorneys, agreeing to share any requested documents and split the cost of any experts that may need to evaluate aspects of their case. The goal of collaborative law is to reach a divorce settlement without the need for litigation in court.

With the help of an attorney who is trained in mediation and can provide understanding of the legal issues that must be addressed in a divorce, you can resolve any disputes and reach an agreement that is satisfactory to both parties.

Providing Legal Assistance Throughout Your Divorce

The skilled mediation lawyers and collaborative law attorneys Anderson and Associates, P.C. can help you work together with your spouse amicably throughout the divorce process to resolve any disputes and reach a settlement as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will help you understand all the legal issues that must be addressed and guide you through the process with minimal conflict. Contact a Wheaton mediation attorney at 630-653-9400 to schedule an initial consultation. We serve clients throughout DuPage County including Glen Ellyn, Naperville, Winfield, Warrenville, Glendale Heights, and West Chicago.

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