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3 Reasons Why Divorce With Children Can Be More Complicated

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Naperville divorce attorney child custodyThough not all married couples have children, a lot of them do. When these married couples get divorced, they will have different legal issues to address than couples who do not have children. All parents can agree that children are one of the top priorities in their lives, and they will want to protect their children’s best interests during their divorce. Here are three reasons why divorce with children is not the same as divorce without children:

1. There Are More Topics to Discuss Legally

Obvious issues that need to be discussed in divorces that involve children are custody arrangements and child support payments. These issues may also affect other decisions, such as who gets the house (since a parent may wish to continue living in their home with their children), vehicles (which are used to transport children), and other property (such as children’s toys).

In Illinois, child custody is now referred to as parental responsibility. Parental responsibility consists of two things: parenting time and major decision-making. This means that a spouse could get quite a bit of parenting time, but they could have little to no say in important decisions regarding the child.

2. You Will Forever Be Connected With Your Ex-spouse

Even though divorce is the end of your marriage, it is not the end of your parental relationship. Children pose a unique situation after divorce, because you cannot just choose not to speak to your ex-spouse if you want to remain a part of your children’s lives. Having children means you have a continued obligation to maintain a cooperative and communicative relationship, well after your marriage has ended. Children are a perpetual tie that will bond the two of you together forever, so it is important to work together for your children’s benefit.

3. You Have to Watch What You Say and Do

Especially with younger children, it is important that you watch what you say and do around them. Children are like sponges--they are very curious about the world that is around them. It can be damaging to your child to witness you calling your ex names or to observe heated arguments between the two of you.

It’s also important to remember to be financially responsible during your divorce. Everything that you do should be in the best interests of your children, and that includes your spending habits and your ability to provide for your children. 

Contact a Wheaton Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be more complicated when children are in the picture. It is not only necessary to complete extra legal processes and agreements, but your relationship with your children means that your relationship with your ex will never truly end. Divorce can be hard on both parents and children, but with the help of a skilled DuPage County divorce lawyer, you can complete the process and establish a positive relationship going forward. Contact Anderson & Associates, P.C. at 630-653-9400 to discuss your specific situation in a free consultation.



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