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5 Tips For Co-Parenting During the Summer Months

Posted on in Child Custody

Oak Brook divorce attorney co-parenting tipsSummer is every child’s favorite time of the year--they get a break from going to school, waking up early, doing homework, and studying. But for parents, especially divorced parents, summer can prove to be the most challenging time of the year. During the school year, the kids are at school for a good portion of the day, so parenting plans are usually well-regimented and have agreed transition days for kids to move from the care of one parent to the other. But during the summer, everything changes, so it is important to plan ahead to keep the stress at a minimum.

1. Coordinate Your Schedules

While you have likely already scheduled vacation time and trips with your children, you should also work together with your ex-spouse to determine your and your children’s day-to-day schedules. This will help avoid disputes over who gets to spend time with the child and when. Summer months offer more than enough time for everyone to plan their vacations--it is just a matter of coordinating them. 

2. Involve Your Children

It is important to have a conversation with your children about their wishes for the summer. Making sure that your kids are happy should be high on your list of priorities. Give them the chance to help decide what they would like to do during the summer, including plans for family trips or activities they would like to participate in.

3. Be Flexible

Co-parenting in general requires a great deal of flexibility and a willingness to cooperate with your spouse. During the summer, you should take care to be extra patient and flexible when it comes to handling situations about who your child will be spending time with. Stressing too much about summer plans can make for a miserable summer, so flexibility is key.

4. Manage Your Emotions

With family reunions, pool parties, and backyard barbecues, you might be spending more time than usual with your ex. This can dredge up old emotions and hurt feelings, but you should not let this get in the way of your summer. Keep your cool and focus on keeping the peace for your children.

5. Get Help From a Wheaton Family Law Attorney

Summer is supposed to be a time of fun, not stress. If you anticipate that summer vacation will bring about new issues for you and your ex when it comes to caring for your child, you should contact a DuPage County divorce lawyer to help determine whether you should modify your parenting plan. Contact the attorneys at Anderson & Associates, P.C. to begin discussing your parenting plan and how you can modify it to fit your needs. Call our office at 630-653-9400 to set up an initial consultation.


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