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Birth Order May Affect Your Marriage

Posted on in Divorce

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Parents with multiple children are often portrayed on TV as treating them differently based on the order in which they were born. For example, a common trope is that the youngest child of the family is treated less severely than the others because they are the “baby.” Another common portrayal is the oldest child has to be the responsible one and take care of the younger ones. 

Is it also possible birth order can affect adults later in life, and marriages as well? Research indicates different birth orders may impact marriage in both positive and negative ways, and could also influence the likelihood of divorce.

First Born Child

A study found successful marriages often occur when first born children marry someone who was born last in their family. The study indicated the reason for this could be the old cliche of “opposites attract” at work. Elder children may be more outgoing and help a spouse who was the youngest child with organization. The least likely marriage to work is a pairing of two firstborns. The author of the study, Walter Leman, believed this pairing to be a power struggle and each person would want to control the other too much. 

Middle Children

Leman also found middle children have issues with communicating well in a relationship. A bad match for a middle child is another middle child, because they both may have those issues, which will lead them to repress their emotions. However, last born children are good matches for middle children because the communication issues aren’t as much of an issue. 

Youngest Children

We covered the best relationship for the youngest child above. Two youngest children in their respective families being together is not a good recipe for success. The “baby” of the family often has an inclination to pass the blame to others and make poor financial decisions. A pair of people having those qualities in a marriage may not be a recipe for success. 

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While your birth order may suggest you are best suited for one of the matches listed above, each couple and individual are different. If you are no longer happy in your marriage and feel you should start divorce proceedings, the skilled DuPage County divorce lawyers at Anderson & Associates, P.C. will deliver the care and attention to detail you need. Call us at 630-653-9400 to set up a free consultation.



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