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7 Things Fathers Should Do During the Divorce Process

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DuPage County divorce attorneys, fathers and divorce, divorce process, allocation of parental responsibility, parenting timeWhen parents decide to end their marriage by getting a divorce, decisions about the allocation of parental responsibility and parenting time can often become contentious. In the past, it was often expected that the mother would retain primary custody of a couple’s children after divorce, but this is no longer the case.

In today’s culture, fathers often take a much more active role in parenting children and enjoy equal or even primary custody of their children after divorce. By taking the following steps, fathers can improve their chances of positive results in divorce disputes involving children:

  1. Be an involved parent - Take an active role in your kids’ lives, attending school activities and sports events, doctor’s appointments, and parent/teacher conferences, as well as spending quality time with them during your parenting time.

  2. Know the details - Be sure you have all the relevant information you need about your children, such as their schedule for school and extracurricular activities, the names of their teachers, and the location of their pediatrician.

  3. Keep records - Keeping notes of discussions with your ex-spouse, disputes that arise over children or other issues, and any relevant details regarding your children’s lives can prove invaluable during divorce.

  4. Work together with your ex - While maintaining a good relationship with your spouse may be difficult during divorce, you will likely be sharing parental responsibilities with them for the foreseeable future. Establishing a mutually agreeable relationship during divorce will not only help avoid conflicts in the future, it will demonstrate your willingness to cooperate, which can help your chances in court.

  5. Keep conflict away from children - Disagreements with your ex-spouse will be inevitable during divorce, but you should do everything you can to shield your kids from any arguments. Never disparage your ex to your children, and do not send messages to your ex through your kids.

  6. Practice good behavior - During divorce, courts will be looking for any signs that you may not be able to provide a good home environment for your children. Avoid any activities that could portray you in a negative light, such as excessive alcohol or drug use, gambling, or failing to pay court-ordered child support or spousal maintenance. Keep your anger in check, and do not engage in heated arguments with your ex that could be construed as abusive or harassing.

  7. Take care of yourself - Fathers often neglect their own physical and mental health during divorce. Getting some exercise, eating healthy foods, and spending time with friends and family are good ways to make sure you will be well enough to care for your children. If necessary, seek out counseling to help with the stress and depression that can come during this difficult time.

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