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How Does Online Dating Affect Relationships?

Posted on in Divorce

Wheaton Divorce Attorney

The internet has become a place where you can locate anything. Cute cat pictures, a recipe, or a new husband or wife can all be found online. Many people have turned to online dating to help them romantically. According to market researcher Nielsen, almost 30 million unique users visit dating sites each month, which makes up almost 10 percent of the U.S. population. Online dating has caused a noticeable difference in how people view relationships, marriage, and divorce

Effects of Online Dating

It used to be that people would be much more likely to date someone their friends or acquaintances knew, such as a “friend of a friend” situation. However, the increase in online dating has caused a jump in dating between what essentially amounts to strangers. The people who meet on these dating sites are usually not people who have ever encountered one another before and have no other known connections. They were completely unknown strangers before meeting online, which is significantly different than how relationships formed previously. 

How Online Dating Affects Divorce Rates

Some studies have found that people who marry someone they meet online experience marital satisfaction at higher rates than couples who meet through other means. A study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal found that of nearly 20,000 people surveyed who met online and married, only 7 percent were either currently separated or divorced. The primary reason for these results could be because people are being matched to others by gauging similar interests and personalities by the dating sites’ matchmaking algorithms or personality questions. It could also be because people signing up for dating sites may be more ready to get married than the average person. 

Contact a Wheaton Divorce Lawyer

Even though some studies suggest online dating generally leads to increased quality of relationships and marriages, sometimes divorce is unavoidable, no matter how you met. If that happens to you, and you need a trusted legal advocate throughout your divorce process, contact the lawyers at Anderson & Associates, P.C. Our skilled DuPage County family law attorneys will help you reach the resolution and agreement you want in your divorce. Contact us for a free consultation at 630-653-9400.




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