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How to Avoid Problems During a High-Conflict Divorce

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Some couples are able to get a divorce by immediately negotiating a settlement that addresses important issues, including child custody, child support, spousal support, and the division of marital property. In many situations, however, this type of cooperation is not possible, especially at the beginning of the divorce process. Marriages that involve domestic abuse, infidelity, reckless spending, or substance abuse often result in high-conflict divorces.

In a high-conflict divorce, one or both spouses are unable to work with the other to solve the multitude of issues that will impact their post-divorce life. While these feelings usually subside over time, it does not always happen during divorce proceedings. Sometimes it takes years. In either case, you want a skilled divorce attorney who will fight for what you need throughout the process. 

High-conflict divorces can become even more difficult if you engage in activity that complicates matters inside and outside the courtroom. Here are four examples:

Combative Child Visitation Exchanges

These brief moments can devolve into raging battles in an instant if you let them. The last thing you want is for your children to witness heated arguments in this setting, which can have permanent psychological effects. To prepare, practice deep-breathing and other calming techniques. Also, always arrive on time and do not lose your cool, even if your ex-spouse is consistently late.

Communication with Your Ex

During a contentious divorce, phone calls and text messages can quickly turn explosive. It is best to avoid this scenario as much as possible, especially with texts, because profane messages can be used in court to paint you in a negative light. For all logistics, use a third-party scheduling app, which removes the personal element.

Social Media Shaming

Taking your grievances to Facebook or any other platform can only hurt in the end. Like texts, it can be utilized by your ex’s attorney in court to make you look unstable. Use this time to back away from social media and engage with your family and friends in-person and over the phone. It will be much more beneficial.

Involving Children in Your Divorce

This is perhaps the worst thing you can do during the divorce process. Divorce is difficult enough on children without them being used as pawns in warfare between two spouses. Never use your child to spy on their other parent and report information back to you, or alienate them against your former spouse. Both can have lasting emotional consequences.

Contact a Wheaton Divorce Attorney

At Anderson & Associates, P.C., we aggressively fight for the divorce agreement our clients deserve. By entrusting us with your case, and following these preventative measures, your divorce can go smoother and faster. To speak with a DuPage County family law attorney, call us at 630-653-9400 for a free consultation.



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