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How to Reduce Divorce Stress

Posted on in Divorce

Oak Brook Divorce Lawyer

Deciding to end a marriage is among the most impactful decisions an individual can make. It involves considerable evaluation of what is right for you in your life and a significant amount of stress as you approach the unknown. While the substantial number of elements that need to be worked out in a divorce can be overwhelming, if you follow these tips, you can reduce some of the emotional burden that accompanies the divorce process.

Include Everything in Your Divorce Agreement

To ensure there is no confusion from either party after your divorce is final, cover every conceivable issue in writing as part of your divorce decree. With everything listed as part of the legal document, nobody should “forget” a part of the agreement. If they do, there will be clear evidence they have neglected their responsibilities. 

Avoid Old Habits

You can have a civil relationship with your ex-spouse without falling back into the same old habits you had when you were together. Being affectionate or flirting and acting like a couple is not a good idea after divorce, especially if you have children, because it can give them a false impression you will get back together. It may be tempting to try and reunify, but there was a reason you divorced, so keep that in mind if you dwell on a possible reconciliation. 

Give Yourself Time After the Divorce

When your divorce is completed, your relationship with your ex-spouse is not going to be the same as it was in the past. You will most likely need to give yourself time to process everything before you make plans and set the rules that will define your relationship going forward. Being friends is fine, but trying to do so too soon after your divorce may not be beneficial because you need to fully process what has happened. 

Customize Your Parenting Plan

If you have children and create a parenting agreement, it is beneficial to draft it as though you are talking directly to your children. Thinking about them while writing out your plan for how to raise them will make it feel more personal and ensure you have your child’s best interests in mind when making the plan. 

Contact a DuPage County Family Law Attorney

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