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Men Without Full-Time Jobs More Likely to Divorce

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Divorce can happen due to many different factors in the couple’s life, such as infidelity, general unhappiness, or abusive behavior. Money is also one of the most common concerns in a marriage. Financial problems put a strain on many marriages and are often cited as one of the more common reasons for divorce. 

Couples with more money can afford to hire someone to do the things they do not want to do and focus on more leisure activities. Those with less money, perhaps due to unemployment or underemployment, have to deal with the stress of worrying about how the family will pay its bills. Here is a look at one study that examined the effect of males in a relationship not having a full-time job.

The Benefit of Full-Time Employment

A study authored by Alexandra Killewald, a professor of sociology at Harvard University, found that men who did not have a full-time job were 33 percent more likely to divorce in the next year than husbands who were working full-time. These results indicate a shift in perception in the last 40 years. A husband who did not have a full-time job was not as likely to divorce before 1975. 

The reasons for this shift are complicated. One is that women in a relationship can become frustrated that their spouse is not working, especially if they are not doing their share of the housework, so they are more likely to divorce. Another reason is that men are frustrated that they are not able to work and take out their anger on their relationship. The fact that a man working part-time makes less money is less of a factor. The statistics of the study did not change with that taken into account.

One Possible Solution

It is clear that the woman’s role in marriage has changed over the last 40 years, and much of the discussion around marital roles has revolved around that change. One solution for the higher divorce rate when husbands are employed less than full-time is to have a discussion about widening the view on what a husband’s role in a marriage is supposed to be. Having these types of discussions will lead to a better overall grasp of what causes the higher likelihood of divorce and can perhaps lead to finding a way to decrease the chance of divorce. 

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