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Open Versus Closed Adoptions

Posted on in Family Law

Wheaton adoption lawyersThere are various types of adoption offered to parents across the world, typically domestic and international. Within those two categories, there are open and closed adoptions. In a closed adoption, no contact information is shared between the birth parents and the child. In other words, the child does not know who their parents are or where they are located. Only about one out of 10 adoptions are closed, which is a much smaller number than it was in the past.

Open adoptions allow for connections between the child and their biological parents. This is done on a sliding scale, meaning that the level of communication between child and parents varies with every adoption. Both types of adoption have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to discuss adoption laws with a compassionate adoption lawyer so everyone involved can make an informed decision.

Pros and Cons of Closed Adoption

Closed adoption can be a good idea to avoid blurred parenting lines. The child will grow up with the adoptive parents raising him or her, avoiding any confusion about who is his or her “real family.” Closed adoption is also a good idea if the child comes from a dangerous or unstable background. This can be seen as taking protective measures in advance.

Although closed adoptions can sometimes avoid conflict between both families, it can also lead to inner conflict with the adopted child. Some adopted children can have a difficult time with their identities if they do not know their biological background. The adoptive parents can have a similar experience. Without full knowledge of their child’s medical background, adoptive parents can struggle to make treatment decisions if the child becomes ill or gets hurt.

Pros and Cons of Open Adoption

Having an open adoption can give a certain extent of freedom that closed adoptions do not allow. A child can know the identities of their biological parents and be able to choose the extent of the relationship between them. This can give the adopted child a sense of empowerment over their own life. They will also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their medical and biological background.

Open adoption, however, can also lead to confusion and disappointment for the child. If they get attached to their biological parents in addition to their adoptive parents, it can be frustrating if the adoptive parents do not facilitate the same level of communication with the adoptive parents as the child would like.

Contact a Wheaton Family Law Attorney for Help

Regardless of the level of communication you would like to have with your child’s biological parents, it is important to have legal assistance if anything goes awry. Adoption can be an emotionally taxing and rewarding experience all wrapped into one. At Anderson & Associates, P.C., we focus on the legal details of the adoption, allowing you to prepare for the adoption. If you are considering expanding your family through adoption, contact our Glen Ellyn adoption lawyers at 630-653-9400 for an initial consultation.







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