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Naperville divorce lawyer electronic parenting timeIt is important to be mindful of your children during the divorce process. Their lives are changing in many different ways, and they need to have some sort of stability during the process. After a divorce has been finalized, and the division of parenting time has been determined, it is important to have a schedule in which a child knows they are going to be able to see their parents at a designated time. 

No matter how devoted a parent is to their child, there may be circumstances beyond their control which do not allow them to be present during their scheduled parenting time. If that is the case, Illinois is a state that allows for electronic parenting time or visitation for parents. Electronic parenting time involves the parent spending time with the child using a video call, a phone call, email, or other messaging system. Modern technology makes it easier than ever for parents to be present in their child’s lives, even if they are hundreds or thousands of miles away, and parents should be sure to understand how best to use these tools to maintain a close connection with their children. 

Who Is Eligible for Electronic Parenting Time?

Not every parent or child will need to use or be eligible for electronic parenting time. This solution should not be used in cases involving abuse or habitual deviance from the schedule that was defined in the divorce decree. Electronic parenting time is typically used under extraordinary circumstances, or when it is in the child’s best interests, such as the following cases:


b2ap3_thumbnail_substance-abusing-spouse-DuPage-County.jpgAbuse of alcohol and drugs is an increasing problem in the United States, and substance abuse issues can play a major role in the breakdown of a marriage. In fact, studies have shown that nearly half of people who suffer from alcohol use disorder or have suffered from it in the past have gone through a divorce. The rate of divorce for the rest of the population is only 30 percent, however. If your spouse has problems with drug or alcohol abuse, you should be aware of the following issues that may arise during divorce.

Grounds for Divorce

Since Illinois is a no-fault divorce state, spouses do not need to demonstrate any grounds for divorce other than “irreconcilable differences.” That is, the only requirement for divorce is that the relationship has irretrievably broken down. A spouse’s substance abuse may have been a reason for this breakdown, but the law does not require it to be proven, and in fact, attempting to raise the issue may make the divorce process lengthier and more complicated. An experienced divorce attorney will be able to advise you about whether you should raise the issue of substance abuse during your divorce proceedings.


DuPage County divorce lawyers, moving on after divorce, divorce process, depression, Wheaton divorce attorneyAt the risk of stating the obvious, divorce is not easy. Ending a partnership that has defined your life for a long period of time is an emotionally difficult process, and dealing with the financial upheaval of divorce, the need to establish new living arrangements, and the effects on your relationship with your children and other family members can cause a great deal of stress.

People going through divorce are likely to experience anxiety and depression, and they may have trouble coping with the loneliness that can come with their newly-single life. However, by following these tips, they can not only survive this difficult time, but build a successful new life for themselves:

  1. Take baby steps - Divorce has forced you to make some major changes to your life, and you will need to go about rebuilding your day to day life to fit your new reality. However, it can be hard to move on from your feelings of anger and sadness and get started making these changes. Remember that you do not need to do everything at once. Take it one day or even one minute at a time, focusing on what you need to do next as you work toward your goals.

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