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Wheaton divorce lawyersMaking adjustments after a divorce is a scary scenario that far too many couples encounter today; your entire life as you know it is coming to a change very quickly. While one half of the couple may seem to move on with limited issues, the other companion might not be that lucky. Stay-at-home parents are very common in our society, as many couples have taken the option of putting one spouse's career on hold in an effort to focus on the aspects of life at home, such as raising children and maintaining the property. Stay-at-home parents may feel at a disadvantage in many categories going into and coming out of a divorce.  

Planning for the Future 

Once a divorce is introduced into the conversation, each partner will have to consider how their life will be without the other involved. Finding a new place to live and possibly searching for a new job are two major hurdles that are not easily overcome. The entire process of a divorce and its outcomes rely heavily on financial matters. How can spouses be on a level field if one of them has not worked for a significant time?

Looking ahead to what will need to be accomplished is a good task to keep in mind. Some recommended things you should do include taking the time to:


Wheaton divorce attorney, divorce court, divorce process, divorce proceedings, divorce preparationThe process of ending a marriage through divorce can be very stressful. In addition to the strong emotions that come with the breakup of a relationship, there are a number of legal requirements that must be met as you work to complete the divorce process. Appearing in court can be especially anxiety-inducing, since you will likely be unsure of what to expect. However, by following these tips, you will be able to successfully accomplish your goals in your divorce proceedings:

  1. Hire an attorney - While you can represent yourself in your divorce, it is not advisable to do so. An experienced attorney can not only help you understand your rights and obligations, but he or she can also offer invaluable insight about the best ways to make arguments, the procedures and etiquette to follow, and what is likely to encourage the judge to rule in your favor.

  1. Be prepared - Be sure you have the required paperwork, financial documents, and any other appropriate evidence ready ahead of time. Talk to your lawyer about what will be discussed at your appearance, the issues you will be asking the judge to decide, and the arguments you will be making. Practice making prepared statements and be ready for questions that you might be asked. By being ready for every eventuality, you will not be taken by surprise by any developments, and you will be able to make a strong argument for why the judge should make a decision in your favor.


DuPage County divorce lawyers, moving on after divorce, divorce process, depression, Wheaton divorce attorneyAt the risk of stating the obvious, divorce is not easy. Ending a partnership that has defined your life for a long period of time is an emotionally difficult process, and dealing with the financial upheaval of divorce, the need to establish new living arrangements, and the effects on your relationship with your children and other family members can cause a great deal of stress.

People going through divorce are likely to experience anxiety and depression, and they may have trouble coping with the loneliness that can come with their newly-single life. However, by following these tips, they can not only survive this difficult time, but build a successful new life for themselves:

  1. Take baby steps - Divorce has forced you to make some major changes to your life, and you will need to go about rebuilding your day to day life to fit your new reality. However, it can be hard to move on from your feelings of anger and sadness and get started making these changes. Remember that you do not need to do everything at once. Take it one day or even one minute at a time, focusing on what you need to do next as you work toward your goals.


Wheaton divorce attorney, spousal maintenance, divorce process, spousal support, alimonyWhen a couple ends their marriage in divorce, each spouse should be able to maintain a standard of living similar to what they experienced during their marriage. When one spouse earns more than the other, the lower earning spouse may be eligible to receive spousal maintenance (also known as spousal support or alimony).

While the formula for determining the amount and duration of maintenance is straightforward, courts have some discretion when determining whether maintenance is appropriate.

Illinois statutes list 14 factors that a judge should consider when deciding whether to grant maintenance:


divorce, Illinois divorce, divorce lawyer, divorce attorney, Wheaton divorce lawyer, Wheaton divorce attorneyIn 2017, a new Illinois child support law went into effect.

For Illinois child support payers, it is important to understand how three factors are the basis of determining child support payments: 1) the net income of both parents, 2) the number of children receiving child support, and 3) the amount of parenting time each parent enjoys with their children.  

The New Illinois Child Support Law is Effective as of July 1, 2017 


b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_607176.jpgChild support in Illinois is governed by the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, and an update to this law went into effect July 2017. Before this change, Illinois used a somewhat antiquated method of calculating the amount of child support payments—only the paying parent’s income and the number of children being supported were considered.

Since this model no longer reflected the actual costs of raising children, the state moved to an income-sharing model that bases child support on both parents’ incomes.

Understanding the New “Income Shares” Method

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