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The Difficulties of Relocation and Co-Parenting After Divorce

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Divorce is generally more complicated if a couple has children together. A divorce agreement must determine parental custody, visitation, child support, and other matters. Children sometimes have a hard time accepting divorce and all the changes happening in their lives. Acceptance can be even more difficult when one parent relocates after a divorce

Relocation brings its own unique set of challenges. Moving far away after divorce should only be considered if it is absolutely necessary and due consideration has been given to the way it will affect the children and their relationship with both parents. 

How are Children Affected by Relocation?

A study researched 500 college students who came from households with divorced parents, who were then separated into two groups based on whether their parents relocated. One group had parents who did not move more than one hour away from the original home, and the other had parents who did move more than one hour away. The study examined many factors, including the children’s psychological and emotional adjustment and health status. The data collected indicated that the group with parents who relocated scored less than ideal on tests for hostility, distress about the divorce, and their level of satisfaction with life. 

Relocation is sometimes necessary after a divorce. If one parent intends to move more than one hour away, there are a few steps which can be taken to mitigate the potential damage in the child’s life. The first step is to wait to relocate until a child is at least two or three years old, if that applies. Waiting until this age is best because the children need to possess critical thinking and language skills to remember their parents and maintain the relationship. 

When a parenting plan is being determined, there should also be ample time and planning for electronic parenting time, such as video chatting, telephone calls, emails, texts, etc. The long-distance effect can be lessened some due to the prevalence of technology in today’s world. Overall, it is important to remember your child’s best interests when thinking about how to navigate a relocation or any issue that arises during their lives. 

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