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The Role of Political Differences in Marriage

Posted on in Divorce

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Many people have opposing political ideologies due to a variety of factors, including how they were raised and where they were born. In a marriage, you are closer to your spouse than you are with other people, and it is likely political viewpoints are going to come up at some point. If you and your spouse have differing political viewpoints, it can play a role in the marriage moving forward, but that does not mean it is necessary to divorce because of the differences, even during these hyper-partisan times.

Marriage Statistics

One 2016 study interviewed just over 18 million married couples in the United States and found 55 percent of couples were Democrats or Republicans only. Independents married to one another made up 15 percent of those interviewed, which left 30 percent as mismatched partisan pairs, meaning two people with different ideologies who married.

How to Handle Political Differences

Each couple can figure out a different way of handling their differences of opinion, and there are some common tactics. You can decide to have a “politics-free” portion of your home or time block, with no discussion of politics at all. It can be relaxing not to think about politics at home, especially if you spend much of your time dwelling on it.

If a debate does occur, it is important to only bring up points which are facts, as opposed to rumors. In addition, make sure not to personally attack your spouse. Have rebuttals for ideas, not the person saying them. Even if they are saying something you strongly disagree with, making the debate about them and not the ideas will lead to hurt feelings and more anger. Make sure to listen to the meaning behind their words and why they have these beliefs. 

Contact a Glen Ellyn Divorce Lawyer

Political differences do not have to break up a marriage, but if you feel various differences between you are too much and you would like to start the divorce process, you need a skilled and experienced DuPage County family law attorney. The lawyers at Anderson & Associates, P.C. will do everything in our power to reach the result you need in your divorce case. For a free consultation, contact us at 630-653-9400.




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