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Thinking of Adoption? Consider Adopting a Sibling Group

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DuPage County DCFS adoption attorneyAdoption is a common way for many prospective parents to add to their family. The way the majority of adoptions in the United States take place is through a public agency, such as the foster care system. The public agency in Illinois that helps match children with families is called the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). DCFS places children in foster homes, and if they are not able to be rehabilitated into their original homes, they are placed for adoption. Many children who are waiting to be adopted through DCFS are part of sibling groups, or children from the same family who need to be placed in a home together.

Keeping Siblings Together

Children who are put into the foster care system go through a great deal of change in almost every aspect of their lives. These children’s siblings are often the only thing that has remained the same in their life. Children in foster care often come from abusive and neglectful homes where the parents might not have always cared for them in the same way that a sibling did. In these situations, it is important to keep siblings together, so they are able to develop and emotionally mature. Separating siblings leaves the younger sibling to fend for themselves in an unfamiliar environment, and older siblings tend to feel responsible for younger siblings, even if they are not placed together.

Benefits of Adopting Sibling Groups

There are many benefits of welcoming more than one child into your home, including advantages for both you and the children you are adopting. Children who are adopted along with their siblings tend to feel more comfortable with the situation of being in a new family, and the older children in a sibling group can provide emotional support to their younger siblings. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between increased anxiety and depression and children who are separated upon adoption. Studies have also shown that when siblings are placed together, they experience a lower rate of failed placements and behavioral problems.

Families who adopt sibling groups benefit from only having to go through the adoption process one time for multiple children, allowing them to grow their family in less time. The transition process is also shortened for these families, allowing them to adjust to living with their new children.  

Contact a Wheaton Adoption Lawyer

If you are thinking about making an addition to your family through adoption, you may want to consider adopting a sibling group. Adopting sibling groups through DCFS offers many benefits, especially for the children. If you are interested in adopting a sibling group, you should consult with an experienced Naperville adoption attorney. Anderson & Associates, P.C. can help you understand your legal requirements and guide you through the adoption process. To set up a free consultation, call our office at 630-653-9400.





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