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Who Gets Child Support Money in Illinois?

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Child support is often established if two individuals who share a child end their relationship before getting married or get a divorce. Child support is a recurring financial payment from one parent to the other designed to benefit the child. It could be made from a higher-earning spouse or the one who maintains a lesser share of the allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody).

While many child support arrangements are set up without substantial difficulty, they are sometimes among the most contentious elements of divorce and family law cases.

Child Support Divorce Decree

Since 2017, Illinois has utilized an income shares model for determining how much child support an individual must pay. The goal of this system is to ensure the child does not experience an extreme disruption to their standard of living. The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (DHFS) provides a table that lists the combined net monthly income of the parents, and a corresponding support amount, which increases with each additional child they share. The parents split the financial responsibility for the child depending on each individual's share of the total combined net income.

Unmarried Parents and Child Support

For child support to be determined when parents are not married or in a civil union, paternity must be officially documented. Parents can voluntarily do this with a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity (VAP) form, which must be signed by both parties before a witness age 18 or over. This allows a father’s name to be placed on a child’s birth certificate. If paternity is uncertain, and a potential father is unwilling to submit to a paternity test, a mother can have an attorney file for a court order to force a DNA test. A doctor can perform this test before or after childbirth.

When paternity is established, in addition to child support, the child is eligible for health and life insurance, veteran’s benefits, Social Security benefits if one of their parents is disabled, and inheritances.

Contact a Wheaton Family Law Attorney

At Anderson & Associates, P.C., we help parents establish paternity and receive the child support they need. We are prepared to navigate the complicated legal processes for you and will serve as your dedicated advocate so you can focus on your family. If you need to file a paternity suit to compel a possible father to take a DNA paternity test, we are ready to pursue that legal action. For an initial consultation with a DuPage County child support lawyer, call us today at 630-653-9400.



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